Rail Switch Lubrication

Midwest first started tackling issues pertaining to rail and mass transit in 1975. Since then, we’ve perfected our line of lubrication products that serve to address a variety of industrial and rail lubrication needs. As with all of our solutions, we take a highly personal approach to keeping your rails, switches, and other transportation equipment adequately lubricated and fully operational.


Glidex® Switch Lubricant

$78.00 - $907.50

Glidex MC

Glidex® MC Switch Lubricant

$88.00 - $1,045.00

Model 100 Hand Sprayer

3-1/2 Gallon Hand Sprayer


Model 150 Backpack Sprayer

4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer


Model 50 Stainless Steel Hand Sprayer

2-Gallon Hand Sprayer